FAQ) about our Co-working space" />

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Co-working space

Where’s our co-working space going to be and why choose that location?
It’s likely going to be located opposite Fusionopolis (near Buona Vista area) within a light industrial building. We’ve considered the area’s accessbility and amenities nearby; it’s near one-north MRT station and just a bus ride away from chill out venues like Rochester Park and Holland Village. Fusionopolis also houses a supermarket and food court.

The most important decision that makes this place attractive is the neighbouring digital media companies, which we hope will support the growth of the co-working community comprising mostly of freelancers and small start-ups.

What makes us different from other co-working spaces and serviced offices?
We design our space’s blueprint to cater to the needs for people who wish to be more creative and productive in their work. It is also well-suited to anyone who wish to tap into a community with creative professionals who has complementary skillsets. e.g. we’re painting our walls with IdeaPaint, which transforms any flat surface into a whiteboard surface for easier brainstorming sessions. We’re also combining this innovation with what a modern projector has to offer, interactivity.

Nothing matters to us more than building a sense of community for fellow co-workers. Other than regular workshops and talks free to all members, we’re also looking to secure sponsorship & discounts from partners like Art Friend, RJ Papers & Basheer Graphic Bookstore. This translates into some costs savings for you and your clients.

I’m afraid people will copy my ideas and I’m under strict confidentiality contracts with my clients…
We’ll be having a few breakout spaces for people who want to concentrate on their work away from the chatter and there’s a meeting room for private discussions. If your work often requires you to operate in a private space, we suggest using serviced offices or renting an office space. As an additional measure, we will be getting all co-workers to sign a general agreement with non-disclosure clause.

How much do we intend to charge for the space? I’m not too sure whether this space fits me?
We’ve done research on people offering similar services locally and overseas and the rates are pretty close to what you see in this co-working space in Santa Monica. We’re offering every first-timer a one day free co-working session when we open our doors for business. We’re also flexible about catering the plans to your needs.

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