Launching a New Side Project, OpenBrief

OpenBrief is an online publication that shares thought-provoking editorial reads and inspiring stories about creativity & culture in Asia.

We’ve invested some time and money into getting a online publication, OpenBrief, up with the community I’m involved in at CreativeMornings / Singapore. Consulting for creative projects and still form a large part of our revenue so this will be a side project where I can write for a highly targeted audience outside the Tech community.

The focus is on creativity and culture within Asia (or Asians abroad).

In a time where magazines and newspapers are closing down, I’ve attempt to take on a challenge to elevate an Asian publication to the likes of Monocle. There’s much to learn from their playbook of building a strong media brand. Monocle reached highly targeted distribution by placing their magazines in airplane cabins and airport lounges.

Back in World War 2, President Eisenhower chose not to divide his force even though he was attacked at all fronts. Instead he picked Normandy and set up his beachhead attack there with his entire force. And the rest is history. OpenBrief has found its Normandy. hasn’t.

The online publication has experienced increasing traffic and social shares for the publication over the last few days we’ve soft launched. We’ve now more readers in the US than there are elsewhere in the world. Its growth momentum is not ideal as the engagement levels are not as satisfactory as I would like it to be. But I’m constantly monitoring the data and seeking new distribution channels for growth.

Hopefully, we can eventually grow a great discussion channel that will help spotlight Asian designers and independent brands.

My co-organisers for CreativeMornings / Singapore will help me run most of the events from hereon so that I may focus on OpenBrief as my only side project outside of paid work.

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