The Gift of Entrepreneurship


A recent conversation with Founder of Fabrix cases and a few design brand owners got me thinking. The stories they share of their journey as an entrepreneur always came back to the people they got to know and surround themselves with.

Before you become an entrepreneur, the most important thing you need as a business owner are friends.” That’s what a friend shared with me a few years back. Reflecting on my journey thus far, that doesn’t seem to offer the complete picture.

The frame of mind of an entrepreneur shouldn’t be about making new friends or allies to support your cause. The frame of mind should always be about paying it forward and understanding that relationships can be fragile; because no amount of monetary compensation can fix a broken working relationship. Its about providing value to a few you meet today with hopes to build an entity that can solve the problems of many tomorrow.

The people who are supporting my dream of helping creatives take ideas to market are people I only came to know off after deciding to take the plunge as an entrepreneur.

Today, we work in a wonderful office space (where we sometimes convert its meeting room to our video production studio) with subsidised rent just because of an earlier decision to share business opportunities with the owner and connect a few good people together. I get to have hearty lunches with fellow peers where we exchange ideas and advice for each other’s endeavour. I learnt alot working with smart friends who bring complementary skillsets to the team just because we exchanged opportunities before.

On top of that, I often have intellectual conversations with some of the most interesting people I meet while running CuriousCore/ and Creative Mornings Singapore. I think I’m luckier than most and I’m thankful for that.

Whether your business succeeds as you rise up to fortune or fails as your dreams are shattered. Every entrepreneur walks home with the gift: valuable relationships you share with the people who believes in you.

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