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MDA Grant Scheme

You might have noticed the blog went on a hiatus for awhile as we took time to review the company’s priorities and during the course made several decisions that will change the way we operate.

We’ve changed our Mission statement but our goal remains the same
We started this company with the goal of bringing the different communities within the creative industries together hoping it will address two problems in the market: the lack of opportunities in taking ideas to market and surviving as an entrepreneur/freelancer in the industry.

Initially, we believed that a space was the primary means to do so but have come to understand that the money that we’re to use building the space could be better used supporting talented people and their projects.

Today our Mission statement says:
Help creative communities everywhere ship inspiring projects.

This means that instead of building the most awesome space for creative professionals, we’re now building the most awesome community for creative professionals to start and ship projects.

Co-working isn’t dead
We’ve noticed a trend in the rise of a number of co-working spaces recently and have come to talk to two separate organisations who run co-working spaces targeted at creative professionals. It’s heartening to know we aren’t the only ones dreaming of the same future and we’re convinced they’ll have more resources than we do to focus running great spaces where people can do their best creative work.

We’ll be housing ourselves in a free co-working environment run by Media Development Authority (MDA) and NUS Enterprises. Together with our neighbours and partners at Blk 71, we think the benefits will be ideal for creative professionals who wish to start their own companies and freelancers who wish to work outside of home and away from coffee houses and fast food chains.

Of course, we would like to run a space like Googleplex, equipped with shared production facilities and themed office environments, in the near future when we have the necessary resources.

Taking ideas to market
The ability to scale ideas and publish intellectual property has always been our ambition since we were in design school. All artists/creatives have side projects of varying complexity, which gets shelved or forgotten either due to the lack of money or the lack of opportunities.

What if we’re able to provide the connections (e.g. industry partners, mentors & peers), space (as above) and business support (e.g. money and marketing) to incubate these ideas turning them into products that are sold commercially on a global scale?

Grants, Investments & Micro-funding
Just recently, MDA announced setting aside S$88m for 5 new assistance schemes for the digital media industry. This means that projects in pre-production and production stages can now receive grants to subsidise development costs.

Having spoke with a representative from MDA, they’re able to take care of your funding and connect you to local talents. There are also increasingly a number of funding options available to indie creators, including micro-funding in sites such as KickStarter.com and private equity.

What this means to you?
If you’re an freelancer with experience or you’re looking to start your own studio, come to us and we can explore how we may work together. We will be looking through portfolios and understanding your areas of interest to see how we can best match you to projects.

The future of the creative industry will be the empowerment of creative people and teams to take their ideas to market and monetise through product offerings. Our team at CuriousCore wants to help make this happen.

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