Why you need to match your portfolio with LinkedIn

Hey there, this is a video blog post, you may skip reading the article below as the video above has all the information you need.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 120 million professionals. In Singapore alone, we’re looking at half a million professionals using this platform to looks for jobs and connect with peers within the same industry.

I’ve personally had my profile up on LinkedIn for 3 years and if anyone were to search my name on Google, it’ll appear as the first entry in their search results. That’s right, its optimised to be search by hundreds of professionals in your area daily, especially head-hunters and in-house recruiters.

Recruiters love LinkedIn
The reason why recruiters prefer LinkedIn is likely because they already have a paid account which helps to optimise what they do daily: looking for the right talent and placing them in suitable roles. Personally, I’ve been approached by head-hunters both locally and abroad simply by having a complete profile. And it’s important you make friends with them early in your career as they could help you get past the red tapes and land your resume right in front of the person who’s looking to hire you in your next role.

Work vs Play
Between your personal network and professional network, you might have personal information you do not wish to disclose to someone you barely know on a personal basis on Facebook and that’s where you can draw the line. LinkedIn has helped me keep most of my professional contacts in one single location so that I can keep in touch with them easily. It’s also much easier to explain to someone new what you do as you can simply copy, paste and customise your standard pitch.

You can never be too prepared
LinkedIn serves as a research tool for checking out potential companies and people you’ll like to work with. You can use it to search about common topics in your field of work and also collect information like the length of time an employee stays within the company before you even apply for an interview.

I often share with my friends that CuriousCore’s first project actually came from interacting within a LinkedIn group, saving me considerable effort in courting a new client. They can readily check your profile and judge if you’re suitable for the work. Its that simple.

The one thing you can do to get started immediately is to create a profile and fill it up as much as possible. If you’re already on LinkedIn, start by adding your friends, peers and colleagues. People whom you think could give you valuable feedback and perhaps write you a testimonial. Don’t forget to link your portfolio of works to your LinkedIn profile to boost search engine rankings for your website/portfolio.

Don’t miss out the opportunities coming from LinkedIn when there’s an application for you to display your Behance portfolio on LinkedIn as well.

I’ll be glad to answer further questions about the platform, email me at daylon [at] curiouscore.com

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