Fun stuff to supercharge your creativity & productivity

Your workspace stays the same while work and waste piles up leaving you less creative and productivity with time. We’re not going to preach about the benefits of a clean and organised workspace because you have a few fun alternatives.

1. “Like” Hanger Like hanger

Now you can own the iconic Facebook icon and use it to hang cable cords, towels or your camera. Combine a few of these and you could possibly construct a DIY book shelf for the books you “Like”.

2. Ctrl-Alt-Del Cup Set

ThinkGeek: Ctrl-Alt-Del Cup Set

Pay tribute to the Geek gods by drinking your favourite coffee or tea from these cups. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they had the “Esc” cup?

3. Really Clever Photo Clips

Photojojo: Photo Hangar ClipsGadget-O: Birds on a wire

When you’re bored of framing or pinning up your photos, why not add little twist to it and make your photos more retweet-able?

4. Plug Hub

Quirky: Plug Hub

Don’t let messy wires get in your way. Gain the ability to slip out of your workspace unnoticed.

5. Phonofone III

ideacious: Phonofone III

Turn your iPhone into a gramophone. No batteries, just curves and some technology called passive amplification.

6. Useful Posters

redbubble: The Modern Meeting Standard PosterFelt & Wire Shop: '29 Things Young Designers Need to Know' Poster

We all need a little reminder about organising better meetings and being a better creative professional.

7. IdeaPaint


No, this ain't science fiction or hocus pocus. Turn any dry surface into a whiteboard just by painting over it.

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