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Infographics for Nokia + Truth

We've had an enjoyable full day session stretching our creative muscles with the Nokia management team and facilitators from Truth, an award-winning market research agency based in UK. We've signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) on all our work with them and the only thing we can share is this quick sketch done by our illustrator.


Why Co-working spaces beats Starbucks

Coffee House Concept Art

Co-working has often been described as a "professional shared workspace with a coffee shop vibe." Unlike working from home alone, you actually work in the presence of people with similar interest. Starbucks was probably one of your favourite spaces to work until their management recently decided to seal off their power outlets.


Marketing with Illustrations

James Jean: Prada

Marketing messages constantly face the challenge of competing for your attention. The Economist states that “information overload” is one of the biggest irritations in modern life. In a sea of advertisements that shouts “same old, same old,” it’s always refreshing whenever someone presents messages in a different manner.