Keep it Social: The CuriousCore Story

Before we decided to set up a company, we spent time thinking about our own circle of friends and how awesome it would be if we can work in the same office and collaborate on the projects we love.

We looked at other agency and studio set-ups and saw that many struggled with bread and butter issues of coping with rising rent, managing high staff turnover and keeping up with consistent creative output.

We asked ourselves, can we rethink the way we work?

Yes! At least that’s what some of our friends and mentors told us when we shared with them our business idea of forming a network of independent creative talents and partners. These wonderful people turn out to be the first group of advocates who gave us feedback on what marketers and creatives want.

Working with specialists gives us the flexibility to scale and gain capabilities of a large agency yet remaining nimble like a lean startup. Without high overheads, we can focus on just a few things we want to be really good at, mainly crafting illustrations, helping small creative startups and incubating ideas that can be distributed to the masses.

We’re excited to garner the support of SPRING YES! Start-Up programme for our seed funding and Jaylee Management for our corporate secretary needs.

Just as programmers and developers are stepping up today to create enterprises. Designers and creative thinkers are set to take things to the next level. Can you imagine helping a bunch of really talented people kickstart a game like Angry Birds or a talented industrial designer who might be the next James Dyson, get his first product to market?

We’re happy playing second fiddle as we see opportunities multiply for everyone.

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