About Us

The future of the creative industry will be the empowerment of creative teams to take their ideas to market and make a sustainable impact.
Our team at CuriousCore wants to help make that happen.

CuriousCatch.com is an online video shopping channel for designer products targeted at trendsetters.

Mission: Help creative communities everywhere launch inspiring projects.

Vision: A better world by design.

We live by the same philosophy that makes you go, “That’s cool, let’s do it!”

  • Keep it social
    Trust is something that goes around in circles. By creating meaningful conversations around our craft and centering them around people, advocacy ripples beyond our own circles.
  • Relentless curiosity
    The closer you are to your stakeholders, the closer they are to your brand. Relentless curiosity in our craft and our client’s brands helps us to consistently create interesting stories that people can relate to.
  • Constant clarity
    Follow through the smallest number of actions that will have the biggest impact, trim the excess and cut the noise. Let good work & results speak.
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